Casual League

Our Casual League curls on Saturday evenings at 6:00 and consists of teams of both women and men developed from a roster of players registering to curl in this league. The teams change week to week to allow the members the ability to meet other members, and learn to play different positions.  This is an excellent league for newer curlers as well as experienced curlers, as there will be a focus on development of skills and curling knowledge.  Games are 6 ends.

Competiveness level: LOW

League Age Limit: No member under the age of 18 may curl as a member of the Casual League.  No substitutes may be under the age of 15.

Age Limit Effective Dates: Individuals must turn the respective age by Nov. 1st of the current curling year.

Definition of a Sponsor: A sponsor is a member of the Blackhawk Curling Club who is not the child’s parent or guardian, who has accepted responsibility for said child during his or her time at the club facility, on or off the ice.

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