NEW - Mixed Double League

Every other Wednesday 6:00 & 7:45


  • Team consists of two players (one male and one female)  
  • Each team delivers 5 stones each
    • Player 1 delivers the first and last stone
    • Player 2 delivers stones 2, 3 and 4
  • The player delivering the first stone can change from end to end. (Delivery rotation is determined by the team at the start of each end.)
  • There are no designated sweepers – so sweeping is done by the person delivering the stone and the person holding the broom.
  • 2 stones are positioned before each end begins. (see placement below)
  • The team whose stationary stone is placed in the position in front of the house shall deliver first in that end, and the team whose stationary stone is placed in the house shall deliver the second stone of that end.
  • Each game is 8 ends.  (Playing time 48 minutes per team) Scoring is the same as in regular curling. In the case of a tie, an extra end will be played to determine the winner.
  • No stone, including those in the house, can be removed from play prior to the delivery of the fourth stone of an end. (If there is a violation, the delivered stone shall be removed from play, and any displaced stone(s) shall be replaced to their original position by the non-offending team.)

The first 4 stones thrown:

  • Both stationary stones (the one in the house andthe one in front of the house) are included in this ruling. It is the 4th delivered stone of each end that is allowed to remove any stone from play.

Example: Team A’s 1st stone cannot be a takeout on any stone, team B’s 1st stone cannot be a takeout on any stone, Team A’s 2nd  stone cannot be a takeout on any stone, Team B’s 2nd stone can now be a takeout and remove any stone from play.  

Placement of the 2 stationary stones:

Prior to the start of every end, the team with the choice (or hammer) shall place their team’s stationary stone, and their opponent’s stationary stone, in either position A or B:

A - Stone bisecting the centre line, midway between the hog line and the front of the house, and is placed either immediately in front of or immediately behind the designated marker on the ice;


B - Stone on the back half of the button, bisecting the centre line and is in the back of the 4-foot circle.  The back edge of the stone is aligned with the back edge of the 4-foot circle.

Note: Depending on ice conditions the placement of the “A” stone in front of the house can vary. This position can’t be altered during a game.

The maximum distance that this stone can be adjusted from the position 3 feet– measured from the edge of the stone if placed in the normal position, to the closest edge of the stone placed in the new position.                         

Determining the placement of the stationary stones:

  • It is determined by a coin toss in the first end.
  • Remaining ends - the team that lost the end has the decision on the placement.
  • If a blank end - the team that did not deliver the last stone in that end shall have the decision on placement in the next end.

Power Play:

Once per game, each team, when it has the decision on the placement of the "positioned" stones, can use the "Power Play" option to position those two stones.  The in-house stone (B) which belongs to the team with the last stone in that end, is placed on either side of the house, with the back edge of the stone touching the tee line, at the point where the 8-foot and 12-foot circles meet.  The guard stone (A) is positioned to the same side of the sheet, the same distance that was determined for the center guards.  The "Power Play" option cannot be used in extra ends.

Sweeping Clarification:

  • One player delivers the stone and the non-delivering player may be anywhere on the ice surface of the team's sheet.  After delivery, either or both players may sweep their delivered stone and any stone set in motion that belongs to their team, anywhere in front of the tee line at the playing end.
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