Our Board

The Blackhawk Curling Club is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 regular members including the most recent Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, four Directors-at-large, and an Ice committee representative.

The 2016 - 2017 Season Board of Directors and their roles and responsibilities are as follows:



Joel Bailey, President
Contact:  608-728-0880

  • Calls and presides over all Board meetings
  • Presides over all membership meetings, including annual
  • Serves on the club officer nominating committee
  • Ensures committee chairperson's are in place
  • Ensures all club business in completed





Jim Hughes, Vice President
Contact:  608-751-6212

  • Presides over Board meetings in Presidents absence
  • Ensures all club parties are held, including annual meeting
  • Ensures Bonspiel ladders are up to date
  • Communicates with league chairs



Phil Boutwell, Treasurer
Contact:  608-751-8241

  • Maintains the club’s funds
  • Pays bills & Collects dues
  • Distributes annual registration forms
  • Reports the club’s financial status at Board meetings and annual meeting
  • Distributes gate keys and access code



Megan Veldkamp, Secretary
Contact:  262-325-9699

  • Takes minutes of all Board meetings and Annual membership meeting
  • Distributes meeting minutes to club membership
  • Sends out all club notices
  • Gets the club mail



Aaron Richards, Past President 2015-2016
Contact:  608-290-1993

  • Serves on the nominating committee
  • Lends guidance and council to Board



Patrice Gabower, 2nd Year Director at Large

Dennis Leidolf, 2nd Year Director at Large

Connie Haag, 1st Year Director at Large

Mike Coutney,1st Year Director at Large


Kim Rudkin, Membership Coordinator
Contact:  608-225-7884

OPEN, Ice Committee Representative
Contact:  608-728-0880

Mark Olson, Wisconsin State Representative
Contact:  608-302-2989

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